THE studio

Our Studio is a lab of ideas, skills and evolved craftsmanship that integrates all steps  of the production chain.

Our products take form and essence in the most important design studios of the  world.

We carry out research and design to obtain the development of unique and  up-to date products with high level of creativity. We treat quality raw materials with  respect and dedication, for a work in progress with an artisanal taste but always with  highly innovative contents, in steps with the new needs that modern society and  fashion system express.

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From the conception to the production of fabrics, trimmings and embroideries.

Each product is a new challenge that needs new solutions constantly.

Our products are always different and have a very high research content.  The process to achieve the final goal is different every time. The production phase is made of several stages and a fine-tuning in the smallest  detail, always focusing on our customers qualitative and aesthetics standard.

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We were born in the 2005, in the heart of the productive Tuscany, where the art craft knowledge melts with an innate passion for beauty and harmony.

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